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If you are interested in advertising or having your product review on Wyatt Family Farm, I have many preset options for you. I am also always open to offers, so contact me.

Why Advertise on Wyatt Family Farm

     We are here to help moms and other household organizers enjoy their everyday chores, or at least make it a little easier to do them. If you’ve got a product or service that can make that job easier, I’d love to hear about it. Wyatt Family Farm grows more and more everyday as an asset to women and their daily life. I also use twitter, facebook, bloggymoms, twittermoms, blog catalog, Technorati, The Mom Blogs, and many other networking sites for maximum exposure. 

Available Advertising
     There is many ways to advertise on this site.
Sidebar advertisements
125x125 - will appear in sidebar $7
120x600 - will appear in sidebar $10
900x60 - at top of page $25 or at the bottom $20
Text ads - $3
*All prices are for a  month, if you want longer, that can be arranged at a discounted rate in 3 month intervals.
A great way to get the word out on your product is to get it into peoples hands. Having a giveaway is a great way to increase the exposure of your products. Allowing more winners than 1 is very appreciated and will be in your best interest as well, as bloggers will be the ones that are receiving the prize and they will most likely blog about it. 
Giveaways will be posted 2 days after payment is received and will run for the predetermined amount of time.
$15 for a 2 week giveaway and $25 for a month,  if done alone, to cover the cost of posting, watching comments, validating entries, determining and contacting winner. Then finally getting the winners shipping information forwarded to you.
     *Wyatt Family Farm is not responsible for sending the prize to the winners.
Product Reviews- 
I review anything that will help the organizing of my household easier. This includes, cooking and kitchen items, beauty and hair products (hey mommy's need to look good too), electronics,  household appliances and products, learning (I have a 10yr, a 7yr and 4yr old girl that will be happy to help with this review), fitness, do-it yourself and crafts.
FREE OF CHARGE! Please allow 2 weeks after receiving the product for review to be posted. This gives me ample time to use and construct an honest review of your product. I will include 2 links using the keywords that you prefer with in the review. More keywords can be agreed upon if needed. You can pair a giveaway along with your review for no charge as well. Giveaway will start on the day I post the review and will run for 2 weeks.
Review items are sent at the expense of the company and are not returned. Company is also responsible for sending giveaway winners their prizes in a timely fashion.
*My reviews will express my honest opinion of the product under review!!

* Company is responsible for sending prizes directly to winners
* Company is responsible for sending products for review to me
* No Refunds
* Family Friendly Content Only, NO PORN!

Please email me at wyattfamilyfarm @ for any of the above advertising or if you have an idea of your own and would like to discuss it with me. Please place Advertising in the subject line along with your company name.
Paypal and old fashioned checks are more than happily accepted.

Thank you for your interest in advertising your products or services on this blog!
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