Thursday, July 29, 2010

The American Dream Comming Soon!

Well me, my dog, my DH, 3 DD's, and our 3 chicks (yes, baby chickens, lol)  are still living between a hotel room and a camper while we wait for our house to be finished. It does not look like it will ever be finished and we are talking about moving on instead of waiting.. I really want this house but I am ready to have any house at all. I just don't want to have to rent and this house is a great opportunity to buy, but I am going stir crazy..

It looks like the house will be ready at the end of September.. That's not really that bad, when we will be able to own a beautiful, house on a few acres that we can do what we want to on. DH and I are so sick of renting. The town is absolutely perfect. A tiny little town in western Kentucky, with such a sense of community. It's the American Dream and is almost in our grasp.

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