Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stressing the house Progress

Well, I drive by the house atleast twice a day, not to drive myself nuts on purpose or anything, but because I have to take the kids to school and then pick them up, The house is right in between where I am staying and the school. It looks like nothing has been done to it yet, Its driving me crazy. It is supposed to be done at the end of September and I do not see how that can happen when nothing has been done to it. Here are a few pis of the outside of the house, it was to dark to get any good before shots of the inside of the house. But I can assure you that it is a mess, the fire that was in there did, some good damage to the walls but not the structure. And the plumbing needs replaced because it is so old, and all the electrical needed done as it was an electrical fire!

Front of house, before
Front of house
Back of house, before
Back of house
Side of house, before
Side view, before
Large outbuilding, before
Its so hard, but I know that this will be great for my family once we get out of this camper and into a home that will be ours.

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