Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.


The PlayStation(R)MOVE is totally neat, and a revolution in motion gaming.    Camera captures your full range of motion within the room, making you feel like you are really there. In some cases you actually are!! My kids and I love to play video games, but I feel bad letting them sit there on the couch all day playing. I mean what kind of mother... LOL you know what I mean. With this they are up and at em and actually enjoying it and not getting aggravated that it is not recognizing there movements.  It will surly up the sibling  rivalry, which is healthy if you ask me, but the most entertaining rivalry will be that of DH and I. We go nuts over stuff like that,  lol.    

All of the PlayStation(R)MOVE games look so fun to play, but the one that has my whole family excited is,  EyePet™. This game looks so adorable and my kids are just dying to play it. You can actually see yourself and anyone else in the room on your tv interacting with you little cutie. You can do anything with him that you would a real pet, feed, pet, games, even give a bath. With no MESS, we like that don't we moms                              

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