Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Blog Challenge ~ A Day in the Life of Me

September's challenge is to take a day out of your life... and blog about it. A day that to you may seem no more special than any other. Think about the moments of the day and write about them. Add the detail of the moments, the emotion, etc...

You don't necessarily need to write about the entire day, but maybe there were a handful of events that you could pull to write about.

I am going with today, because a company that I have been dealing with aggravated me to no end, and I need to vent!...Breath....
Ok a little back story.. On Sunday  Aug 29th the hair conditioning went out in the camper that we are staying in while our house gets fixed up. SO on Monday august 30th I went to the local RV part store to order the part that I needed. I ordered it and was told 3 days no worries.....
.......Enter 2pm today .... I finally get a call from the parts dept advising  me that my part just came in, So I head on up there to pick it up. The lady at the parts department proceeds to hand me a box and tells me that I can pay upfront. I proceeded to tell the lady that I wanted to make sure that it was the correct part (just my standard procedure before paying for anything) WRONG PART!!!!! The lady proceeds to tell me that was the part that I brought in, I told her it looked nothing like it and showed her the part that it was supposed to be. She pulled it up in her computer and said "Oh yeah look at that" I ordered the wrong part! Uggg!!! How hard is it to match the part I gave her to the picture in her computer to make sure that they match!
me: "How long will it take to get the right part in?"
her: "4 days from tomorrow"
me: "No thanks I'll find someone who can help me now"
I would not have been so aggravated if 3 days did not turn into 9 days, how many days would 4 have turned into.

So I came home and made a few phone calls, I found a place that has the part in stock.The 30 minute drive will sure be better than the headache that the other company already and will most likely give me again.

.... spent the rest of the day blogging and reading blogs!

Make sure to stop by tomorrow when I am co-hosting the 'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop along with Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and From PDX with Love



  1. Ahh, I feel your frustration! Have been there many times- in fact if blogs existed earlier in my life there would have been many a rant :) Enjoyed the post! Gina

  2. oh how frustrating that would have been!


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