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{Guest Post} Cloth Diapers: Trend or Timeless?

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Cloth Diapers: Trend or Timeless?
Are you a part of the cloth diaper fad? Have you jumped in with both feet and now find yourself swimming in cloth diapers, blogs, and websites? And do you feel the need to let everyone in on the little cloth diaper revolution that you have discovered? If yes, then you are part of the cloth diaper fad. Don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. It’s great that more and more are ditching the ‘sposies and opting for cloth.
However, in our excitement, we have begun acting like we have stumbled upon some new invention. We tend to think that our generation is superior to others because we are reducing our environmental footprint and keeping our diapers from winding up in an overfilled landfill.
But what might seem like a new trend is really an age-old practice used by generations of women before us. Before linen was used, moms wrapped their baby’s bums in leaves or animal skins. Eventually, women began making patterns and sewing prefolds that were held together with pins.
When women began getting more freedom and rights in a male-dominated world, they began to enjoy the luxuries of disposables. Within a matter of years, disposables became the natural choice and cloth sat on the back burner. Disposable diaper companies continued to reinvent their product, making them even easier to use.
Just like big hair, skinny jeans, and big shades, cloth diapers have made a huge comeback.  But why have they made such a big return? Here are a few factors that have contributed to its success.
1). World Wide Web: Thanks to the convenience of the internet, anyone can browse through a variety of websites devoted to cloth diapers. These sites include tutorials, patterns, and options. If a new mom was eager to try cloth diapers, but didn’t have support from her family, a quick internet search will reveal a variety of communities and support programs. The internet provides a wealth of information for free.
2). Availability: Cloth diapers are available in most cities. They are now sold in Target and can also be shipped directly to your door by many major cloth diaper companies.
3). Easy to Use: Cloth diapers have become easier to use. No more pins or even rubber covers are needed. They are now equipped with snaps or velcro for easier use.  Some brands are ready to be used immediately after washing while pocket diapers need to be stuffed with an insert (which takes all of five seconds).
4). Stylin’: The cloth of old was limited to mainly white. Disposables (with the exception of the “jeans” brand) is also limited to white, although some have a Winnie the Pooh or some other image on them. Today, cloth is not limited. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. From basic rainbow colors, to patterns and prints, any design you desire is available. And if for some reason you can’t find what you want, anyone who knows how to sew can make them.
5). Environmental Impact: Because of environmental concerns, many are choosing cloth. Studies were conducted that said that disposables, once dumped into a landfill, decayed over decades. We were clogging out landfills with baby poo. Because of the need to avoid consumerism, reduce our carbon footprint, and save some money, many moms began choosing cloth, which aided in their popularity.
Whether you have chosen cloth because you want to be trendy, love the adorable prints that are available, desire to save money, or want to make our world a better place, don’t forget that you are following in the footsteps of many generations of strong, beautiful women. What might seem to be a new and innovative trend is really a tried and tested method. Cloth works. It’s do-able. And now there are more options than ever. 

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  1. I used cloth diapers for all my kids- starting when my oldest (now 12) didn't want to potty train. We thought that if he could feel uncomfortable- he would be urged to train faster. At the same time my middle child was born- so we just used them for her all the time. Since we already had everything we needed and were still in diaper mode, we continued through with the third. The diapers have come a long way since my baby left them 6 years ago. We always used the shaped ones that fit in the velcro cover & then the old fashioned pinned ones with a wool soaker for night. I loved that between the cloth diapers and pumping breast milk- we saved a fortune.

    Thanks for blogging on this topic. I know so many feel alone in their choice to go with cloth. I know that I would do it all again if I had the chance.

    I am following you now so I can get more great posts.


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