Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cute Kid Contest

I am entering my little one Catherine in the cute kid contest hosted by Freckles and Fudge and Unexpected Surprises . Catherine is an adorable little girl and I chose this picture because it shows her beautiful face and it is my favorite picture of her.
I think that she should win the custest kid contest, because she is a great little girl with the kindest of hearts. It only takes a few moments when meeting her to see that she is beautiful thru to her heart and soul. She always has a kind word and is the best little helper. She loves to ride horses and will cuddle any animal or person that will let her. This beauty is not just skin deep.
Please hop on over and vote for her (Catherine), she is not only beautiful but a very kind soul!
Added: If you don't see her picture listed yet just add her name to other and click vote! Thanks all!
As I'm writing this she is sitting here playing with her barbies and telling me that she loves me bigger than the sky. She makes my heart so warm and tingly.


  1. www....thanks for entering....she should be updated:)

  2. She sounds like an awesome little girl!!

  3. How could you NOT vote for her and those beautiful eyes! I just went and voted - good luck.


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