Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resoulution and New Year's Day Confessions

I have been very heavy for 4 years, since my youngest was born. I have tried many times to lose the weight and with no effect. My New Years Resolution this year is to lose the weight and get fit and healthy. My fitness level is horrible, I cant even check the mail with out being completely winded by the time I get back to the house. I new it was bad, and I avoid mirrors and scales at all costs. Its sad. I actually covered the mirror in my bedroom and cover the mirror in the bathroom whenever I am in there.
I pains me to tell you all this but I feel that it must be said and gotten out there, and what better people than my mommy blogger friends. I went to Walmart on the 1st and bought a scale, so that I could see where I was starting at. Hubby is on the diet with me, so we both went into the bathroom and stripped down to get our starting weight. Hubby hopped on the scale without any issue, he knows hes fat and he embraces it. He is only on the diet cause of his heath, it does not bother him to be over weight.
Anyway on with my confession, when it came time for me to get on the scale, I had a complete nervous breakdown, I mean I was crying and shaking and freaking out. I could hardly breath! My husband is a very supportive man and was trying to calm me down and tell me it was ok. Eventually he decided that I needed to be alone with the scale and my fears, so he left me alone int he bathroom with the scale. OH my GOD!!! I saw that scale like it was in a horror movie, my bathroom is not very big but what I saw was a long scary hall with the scale at the end of it. I continued to cry and hyperventilate over getting on this scale, but I really wanted to know where I was starting at! It took me about 30 minutes it get on the scale, and when I did it was horrifying! The scale read 213!!! OMG that is the heaviest I have ever been, I wasn't even that heavy when I was 9 months pregnant!!!
I have started with the Special K challenge and am really enjoying the cereals and bars and I like that I can eat my usual meal for dinner, just smaller portions. I have also gotten the P90X workout system and will be starting that tomorrow, as I wanted to give my body a few days to adjust to the food intake change before I thru it into a workout routine like P90X.  I will be posting alot all thru this and hope that you will follow along with me.




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  2. You showed a lot of courage to get on the scales and post your before pictures. (My undies aren't that pretty, so I won't be posting a before picture! In my undies!) My goal is to lose 30 pounds this year. We also have the same goal weight. Maybe we can cheer each other on and reach our goals this year! I'm pullin' for ya! I like your little weight loss ticker!

  3. I agree with Darlene. I also think those weight loss tickers totally help in the motivation factor. There are also some amazing sites out there that help you track your daily calorie intake. One I've heard of is called My friend used that and I know she has been able to drop 60 pounds.

    You can do it!! I'm totally cheering you on!!


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