Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Addiction

Ok most of you may not know that I am a huge make up junkie. I have tons and tons of make up, I love it and collect it. Even though I have like every color known to man I seem to always were the same makeup, a purple smoky eye, with muted cheeks and lips. So I have spent the last few weeks combing through the Youtube make up gurus for inspiration for some new looks. I have become so addicted to these, they are amazing and some of there creativity would shock you, but they really look great. I have also picked up a few DIY makeup tips that are so cool. Watching these videos have totally refreshed my love for makeup and my inspiration and backbone to do some different looks. My favorite Youtube guru is Nancy Valentino, she is so adorable and she loves the smoky eye like I do and does it with all types of different colors. Plus a ton of other looks. I have also been out of the up to the minute makeup for a few years cause my little one was so young, but she has brought me up to date. you have to check here out.

And if you just want to laugh while you are learning some great tips from someone that is very accessible you have to check out jpmetz. All her videos make me die laughing, but beware she could insult. But that is just her online persona, take what she says with a grain of salt most the time she is just messing around. She is very out going and creative! You will laugh so hard that you cry.

She rants a lot, but most of what she says it what many people are even afraid to think, I love her!

Incase you didnt know you can learn how to do just about anything on youtube, I never really knew. I always thought that it was really just music videos, movie previews, and the like. To my surprise there are all types of gurus on it and they teach you how to do all types off things.
Another one that I love is SayanythingBr00ke she does do makeup but her specialty is quick, easy, adorable and very doable manicures. And her voice is very relaxing!

                                    I love this manicure, I love Lisa Frank and have to try this.

I am working on a series about easy to do, everyday wearable makeup for us fast paced moms. I may even make it video tutorials like these if I can get my web-cam to work! It will be a lot of fun and I do use Mac, but I will try to either use more accessible makeup products to recommend a good dup for the mac that I am using so keep a look out for that.  See you all a little later! Take care and stay warm, as we are snowed in this week with about 6 inches of snow that is now frozen and more due tonight. Thats a whole lot for my area!


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    Hop on by when you get a chance!

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