Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seems Spring has Sprung

As the snow moves out and the rain moves in it seems that spring is finally around the corner. The grass is already greener and the air is a lot warmer than it was 2 weeks ago. I am excited, Spring Fever has hit and I am ready for camping, fishing, horseback riding, hiking and anything else my lovely family and I can get into!
What is your favorite part of Spring? How do you ring in the warm weather? Share with me and on March 1st a blogger will be chosen to be feature on Wyatt Family Farm. (via
So share with me in the comments below!


  1. The snow is melting where I live too. Last year Spring was awful because I had a lot of things going on during that year plus I had breathing problems. I'm hoping this spring is enjoyable. It looks like you already have fun activities planned for spring, & that's great!

  2. Spring is when we all get to get out and play in the dirt!! We also enjoy family time because the tractor shows get started...

  3. You are way ahead of us in the "spring department". We saw the grass for about 5 days, but now we have about 10 inches of snow covering it! What I love about spring is seeing robins, and when the crocuses start pushing up through the snow. Then, I know spring is right around the corner!

  4. Hi Tiffany!! Just stumbled across your blog today!! This has been a surprising spring for us. We bought our house out in the country back in August after the TN heat had killed nearly everything that could possibly have been blooming. Now that it's spring, we are seeing all kinds of beautiful flowers blooming and trees blossoming that we didn't even know were here. I feel like I wake up every morning and find something new! :o)


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