Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday ~ Out of hand Office/Craft room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It's Monday night and I am watching Dancing with the Stars, thinking what needs to be Tackled; At that moment I realized that my Office/Craft Room is atrocious. I could not find anything in there if I tried. My craft table is covered in Girl Scout stuff and my desk is covered with God knows what! If I am to do all the things that I volunteer for I need my office/craft room to be neat and efficient. So that is what I am going to Tackle this Tackle it Tuesday!
I have plenty of storage space in this room and there is no reason to have things laying all over except for the fact that it is easier to just throw it on the table then deal with it, but if you really think about it Putting in the extra time to put it where it goes at the moment it comes into the house saves a lot of time and makes your work much easier. So not only am I going to clean and organize I am going to convenience myself that I need to put things away and file them the moment they make it into that room. So I need to make a plan for that as well.

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Craft Table

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Desk, not as bad as I thought, but if u look close u see the pile of papers on the floor to be filed lol!

I will post an update once I have Tackled this after my coffee and morning news shows.

After Photos will be Here in a few hours.

My ongoing tackle is my yard. I have 8 acres most of which is field, but my backyard area has a beautiful hill and a fish pond and fountain in it. My hill is covered in Ivy, which I hate, so I am ripping it all out and looking for a pretty low growing plant that will hold the earth in place and look prettier than this Ivy attacking. As well as getting the fish pond cleaned out and running. This house was empty for a long time and the yard was not kept up very well, so I am slowly taking that on.
Any ideas on the plants for the hillside, its a pretty good slope and as equal sun and shade. I live in western Ky so it needs to stand up to cold winters and hot summers. It is irrigated.

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  1. Hi! I'm following you already and thought I'd say hi. I found you on one of the blog hops. It sounds like you found a great new home and I hope you and yours are all enjoying having your own space. =D

    Tina "The book Lady"


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