Thursday, January 19, 2012

TILT ~ McDonald's Fries

Things I Love Thursday
     McDonald's fries are one of my ultimate pleasures, there is something about the hot crunchy goodness that I can not deny. I know they are children's food really but I do not care, they make me smile. I treat myself almost every Friday while running my errands, I stop by and get me a large.. Oh so yummy, just thinking about it makes me with it was Friday already. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure, this is just one of my many, LOL!
     I also love menu planning, but we will save that for a Works For Me Wednesday. 

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Other Hops for Thursday!

Stay tuned for a new series, Recipes, Tips and Tricks for homemade household cleaners starting with my laundry detergent. 


  1. Love your blog! Following you on Google Reader now from Thirsty Thursday. Come check me out if you can!

  2. Wonderful blog!!! Following you from the blog hop!


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