Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy Summer

It was a long extremely hot and dry summer here in Western, Ky, which made gardening and spending all day in the kitchen that much more miserable. Usually I really enjoy it, but this summer it was a horrible chore, but the benefits were worth it as always. We put out a garden, and because of the drought it had to be watered almost everyday, If I counted on the rain my garden would have been dead in a week.
So here is a photo journal, of what I had and what we canned. This is only my second year gardening and canning, and it was a lot more productive this year than last. My favorite canned item this year, has to be my banana peppers, they are so sweet and yummy. Usually I don't even like banana peppers but these are so perfect, even my 6 year old puts them on her tacos and stuff! So Delish!



Storage, its overflowing now

Cutting Starwberries

Catherine's First Grape Jelly Batch

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