Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A view From My Window

This was taken on my phone so it is not of the best quality, plus it was shot thru my window and screen. In it is my oldest daughter, sitting down, my youngest standing up in the orange shirt, and the little boy whos belongs to the man who land we have the camper on. My middle daughter is off to the let somewhere doing cart wheels. I am so happy that the temps have begun to drop, as my kids do not look like they just got out of the shower 2 mins into playing outside.

I am not sure as to what game they were playing here, but if I know my little one it was something she created all by herself. The older 2 for some reason have no imagination at all, but the little one has her own little world and will play by herself for hours, making up all kinds of games and songs. 

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