Friday, September 3, 2010

Crafty Mom - Cheer Spirit

My daughter is a cheerleader and she and I are full of school spirit. I know I know its only elementary school, but I think that it is important. So I made hair bows and shoe pom poms for my cheerleader and her sisters... I think I would look silly in bows and pom poms or I would where them too... lol. Can you believe our squad will not allow the girls to wear spirit face paint. What the heck is that all about?  Our game is at 10 tomorrow morning so we have an early start. Up late tonight setting and doing hair!

Hair bow 1
The cheerleaders ribbon, tails are very long

hair bow 2
Catherine's Bow

Shoe Pom poms
Shoe Pom Poms!!!
Hair in rag curlers
Hair in old school rag curlers
Back of Rag rollers
Back of girls hair in old time rag curlers
Glitter Text Generator -
Fearsome I Know, right! lol


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