Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Losing Weight

I have gained a lot of weight over the last 4 years since my little one was born. I am currently 5 foot 5 inches and weigh 200 pds. That is just nasty, I feel nasty to. So both DH and I have gone on a diet he needs to lose 60 pds and I aim to lose atleast 55 pds. My biggest problem is going to be watching what I eat, I am a picker. I cook and I pick, that is the worst i know. If the kids dont finish it, I eat it. You know the drill. I am also hoping to go for a walk everyday now that it is nice out. So we shall see. Gotta run bust day today trying to get everything in order back at the camper. I miss the hotel already and just wish the damn house was done already. this is getting rediclous.
If anyone knows of someone that hosts a weigh in wed please let me know, I havent seen one in atleast a year.

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  1. I'm right there with ya girl! I'm heavier than I've ever been and don't feel good about myself at all .. and I'm also a "grazer" .. all day .. and into the evening ..

    I just need to be more active .. as well!


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