Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sleep Evades Me

Here I am in this nice comfy hotel room, and I can not sleep.I have a wisdom tooth that is coming in and about to drive me up a wall. The pain is something I can not describe, I am chewing IBprofen like it was Flintstones vitamins and damn near drinking Oraljel. This only lightens the pain, but not by much. I spent most of today creating a friends and my template, so I am also seeing cockeyed after staring at all the html and CSS.
I took my daughters to watch the Cheer Elite Squad practice today. She wants to get on the squad so bad "I" can taste it lol. Here is a video of the team from 2 years ago. Sorry Deb, I'm sure your work computer will block it.. lol

She starts taking tumble and has a lot of work ahead of her before the try-outs on April!! She works hard when she wants something. She has cheer experience just not so great at tumbling. So I hope she commits and gets it.


  1. Yep .. totally blocked from viewing that video .. That's ok, though, because Steve is gone for the next two night and he's on his motorcycle sooooooooooooooo .... I HAVE THE LAPTOP!! Woot!

    I'll be on tonight AND tomorrow nite!! Will comment on your video later.. deb

  2. Oh I know this is sad, but I really hope my daughter will want to cheer one day! It is so much fun!


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