Thursday, September 2, 2010

TILT Things I love Thursday -A/C and space

Ok I have to say it and can tie it in with the story I promised you all about why we are in a hotel this week and not that camper, that you all know I just love! :rollseyes
Anyway, I love air conditioning and space... As you all know, my family and I have been living in a camper, not a trailer, a camper for the last 2 months while waiting for our dream home to get remodeled. Still not close to being done, but thats another story. Well this week the fan in the a/c broke, and that camper went from being a sardine can to a cooked sardine can.
So DH put me and the girls in a local hotel for the week while we waited on the part to come in. It's still not in. I cranked the a/c all the way down and the girls and I spread out. I LOVE A/C and SPACE!!! Oh and a bath tub that I can fit in has been heaven as well!!
I know that many people live everyday lives with out A/C and for the most part Im sure that I can, in a normal size house that is not built like a hot box. So has there are many not so material things I can pick that I love, but this week the broken ac was all I could think about..



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  2. HA HA. Had to remove my comment because of dumb typos.

    Trying again...

    I don't blame you at all for feeling this way. Living in a camper (even for a few days) without air conditioning would be utter misery!

  3. I know, we should be so thankful for what we call the normal in our lives! I hope your house is done soon!


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