Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tivo is a must have

This post brought to you by TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

 am so looking forward to the Fall TV premiers, honestly I look forward to them every year. I love to cuddle up on the couch with DH, after the kids have gone to bed and watch the new shows and follow the characters every year. However with my children getting older this may prove to be a little harder as their after school activities are running later and later, have no fear though there is still Hope! It's called TiVo, I love this gadget and is a must have for every household. It connects to your tv and works with a cable card from you cable company, walla a DVR. But it is so much more than a DVR, because it can be programed from your mobile phone, which is super convenient when you are running later than you thought and you don't want to miss a show. No worries just set it from your phone and your all set. Super COOL I know. TiVo also has the largest VideoOn Demand library. These new TiVo's are more energy efficient and offer full Hi-Def support! WooT!!! The coolest newest thing about TiVo is there AWESOME slide remote, which has a full QWERTY keyboard to make finding your favorite show so much easier. So make sure that you become a Facebook Fan  and Enter to Win a Tivo Slide. I did! It only takes a minute at the most.. Happy TV Watching

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