Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well we gave up and rented

Evening friends, today we gave up on the wait for the house and rented. The guy had done no work, and I just did not see it finished before it got cold. There ways no way that we could have stayed in that camper come winter. Burrr.
We rented a nice size 2 bedroom duplex, just on the outside of town. I know 2 bedrooms for all of us, but if you really think about it we aren't here much as we run around alot because the kids have a ton of after school activities. Plus the rent is cheap so we can now afford when the girls make the cheer elite squad!
There will be some changes to the blog as we really aren't a farm now, as well as a owned domain. So stay tuned lots of awesome things to come.
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  1. Good luck! I hope everything works out.

  2. I think you leave the farm thing alone! It'll happen .. one day! *hugs*


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