Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'A Year Ago Today' Blog Hop

Welcome to 'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

Lets go down memory lane! Every Thursday, come join us in 'Today A Year Ago'!
Lets remember what happened 'Today A Year Ago'. It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory, or even better, a photo taken a year ago!

Here is my "A Year Ago" entry:
      A year ago today my family and I were still living in Florida and while many people were packing up there summer clothes and draining out there pools we were headed to the beach. September was always one of my favorite months in Florida, because it was not unbearably hot, there was a nice breeze but it was still warm enough to lay on the sand and swim in the Gulf.
Catherine Blowing a kiss to sissy's who are at school... hehe

Blowing a kiss to DH who was at work

 As I sit here and look back, it seems so wrong that the little one and I were at the beach having a grand old time while sissy's were at school and DH was at work. I have to tell you though we had a great time though. Lunch oh Lord was lunch ever wonderful. We went to the Daiquiri deck on Siesta Key. I had a Margarita and Catherine (Kitty) had a virgin strawberry daiquiri, we munched on shrimp, clams, and some old bay seasoned fries.. It was a wonderful day.

What wonderful memories
Now that I wrote this I am going to have to suck up every moment I have with this little one this year as next year she starts school. What am I going to do?? I will say that I am loving this blog hop, I love taking a walk down memory lane. Walk with me won't you!?

So What Happened With You A Year Ago Today?


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  1. Ah!! Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! Don't forget to add yourself to the linky! :) Your little girl is so cute. I would have done the same thing.


  2. We had just gotten back from the beach LOL. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for co-hosting:)

    Life of this SAHM

  3. Sweet!

    I have an award for you on my blog! =)

  4. I love your story. I couldn't remember what I was doing a year ago today. I could go through photo CD's but I would be looking forever.
    I was invited to the blog hop from Mommy only has two hands. I'm now a new follower.


  5. Sounds like tons of fun! i wish we didn't live so far from the beach...

    from PDx with Love

  6. I believe we were just starting the first year of preschool. Very cute idea.

  7. Hey all my computer is on the fritz today, commenting from my phone. I will follow everyone as soon as im up and running again!


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