Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Candy Making ~ Peanut-butter Balls

We are not celebrating Thanksgiving Today at the Wyatt Farm because Daddy is out on the road and we do not want to celebrate with out him, so we will be having our dinner on Saturday! Today the girls and I made candies and cookies. So this weeks recipe will be for Daddy's favorite. Recipe will be posted below the sideshow of my daughters at work in the kitchen. Enjoy! & Happy Thanksgiving!

Peanut Butter Balls
18 Oz creamy PB
1/2 lb butter
1.5 lb powdered sugar (10x)
3/4 slab food grade paraffin wax
18oz semi sweet choclate
* if  your walmart is like mine and dosnt have any of the above mentioned wax you can subsitiute that choc. dip that you nuke to melt and dip the strawberries or whatever in for the wax and semi sweet choc. . Works fine but you will need 3-4 tubs of it for the recipe above. 

Mix PB, butter, and sugar. Roll into small balls & freeze, overnight if possible. Insert toothpicks (optional, but makes dipping in choc. neater). Use a double boiler and , melt wax and choc. Dip balls & set on wax paper.
I left half in the freezer while dipping to keep them firm otherwise the toothpicks fall off. I also put them back in the freeze after dipped for a few hours - overnight. Then I serve them up on a pretty platter and they don't last long!
This is a great quick recipe that kids can do. My 4 yer old did it all with no worries. I just mixed up the batter showed them how much to use to make a ball then let them go at it! So Yummy!



  1. Thank looks super yummy, as if I haven't eaten enough today! lol

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  2. We are too ! Hubby is in Mexico and comes back Saturday morning. Today was a little sad./ I am sure you felt the same :)
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  3. Yummy, and what a great family activity for Thanksgiving!

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  4. I just discovered your blog on a blog hop. How lovely!!! I am so excited to follow and try out those yummy peanut-butter balls. Blessings to you and yours. Janine

  5. In Ohio, we call them buckeyes, because we leave a small circle of peanut butter showing at the top instead of dipping them entirely! Anyways, I'm your newest follower from Social Parade!

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  9. yummy! My all time favorite thing to make during the holidays. Love the slideshow! Very interactive

  10. YUM!!!!!! I love these for Christmas! Following you :)


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  12. sound good, althogh not sure about teh food wax! found you from chickadee!

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  17. I really love peanut butter balls! They remind me of my childhood:)

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