Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 1/23/12

As with a lot of things here on the farm we are getting back to basics. I'm actually cooking more, even did a lot of canning last fall. Ive also started planning my weekly meals. I find that it saves me tons at the super market and also saves me time during the day. When I wake up a lay out whatever I'm going to need to cook that day. When its time to cook no rummaging thru the cabinets and freezer looking for something. I already know what I was planning and get to cooking. I shop on Friday so my menus run Friday to Sun. Here is this weeks menu.

Friday- we did a fridge clean up. There was so much in there that it was time to eat it or pitch it. So whatever didn't get eaten got pitched. Pretty Fridge!
Saturday- Sweet Italian sausage, garlic bread and noodles with Emeril's home style marinara. 
Sunday- Pizza Night
Monday- French's Crunchy Onion chicken with a Ranch pasta salad
Tuesday- Tiffany's Whiskey Pork (see bottom for recipe) with taters and green beans
Wednesday- Citrus Ham steaks and buttered noodles with sauteed onions
Thursday- Leftover night eat it or pitch it!

Tiffany's Whiskey Pork
So easy! I use boneless pork chops, seasoned with my house seasoning, salt, and pepper. I pan fry in a little extra virgin olive oil and butter. Then I add 1/2 to a whole cup of Jim Bean (use whiskey of your choice) and reduce it down to a flavorful sauce. Prepare sides, serve and enjoy!

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  1. We've never tried Emeril's spaghetti sauces. Which one would you recommend?
    Your menu sounds delicious!


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