Monday, January 23, 2012

Purex & Jockey Team up Review & Giveaway

      So I received another wonderful package in the mail from Purex insiders! This time it contained the  Purex Crystals Tropical Splash which I love! I did a review on the crystals at the beginning of last year and loved it then. I have been buying it ever since. The Tropical Splash sent is my favorite sent from the collection so far. It smells clean and tropical without that coconut smell that is so often overwhelming in tropical scents. Again the clothes came out soft, not clingy, and smelling great! The scent lasts a long time as well, which I love! I washed my big blanket 2 weeks ago and used it and it still smells awesome and I have 2 dogs that sleep on the bed with me! Now that's lasting power!
     You put the crystals in right at the start of your wash, and no need to go back to add softener and no need for dryer sheets either! Another great thing about these crystals is that they can be used on sportswear, it will not prevent the wicking process. 
      Now onto the sports bra! As a rule I am not a fan of sports bras, because I am rather large breasted and sports bras give me that uni-boob look. You all know what I'm talking about, I'm not sure if it is the way this bra is cut or the cups inside it but the uni-boob look is almost completely gone. I still would not wear it anywhere but to work out, but the silhouette is defiantly better than any other sports bra that I have tried over the years. This 2012 Jockey Sports bra was also very breathable, I did not feel like I was basting it in, which is also a huge plus. It also has a very convenient pocket for a key that is quite comfortable, though I use it mostly for my shuffle! I've washed it quite a few times, using the crystals and it is holding up great, still very supportive and elastic!!
      On To The Giveaway
One winner will win both the Sports bra and a full bottle of the Tropical Splash crystals! Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter, winning entry will be verified and contacted on the 31st via email from me, so please make sure I have someway to contact you. So that I can get your contact info to the sponsors so they can get you your fab prizes!! Thanks for reading and good luck.
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  1. My laundry is piled up all the time now due to an acid reflux baby. I think i hate that its turned from a once a week chore to a twice a week or more chore... a never ending battle!

  2. The thing i hate the least is the softener! There are so many choices and it leaves things smelling lovely and soft.


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