Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday ~ 2/6

It has been a crazy week last week as  my little one was pretty sick. 102.5 fever, a bad cough, swollen adenoids, and a headache that brought her to tears a lot. We went to the Dr on Thursday morning and got some cough meds and antibotiocs, her fever then was only 99.9, not to bad. By Thursday night after taking the meds and some fever reducer her fever spiked to 102.5. So 1am Thursday night it was off to the E.R. She has never had a fever that high. And she was screaming and crying about her headache. The Er could not pin point what the problem was and told me to continue the meds and add cool baths, and popcicles to bring down the fever. My discharge papers said that if she started to throw up to bring her back.. So Saturday morning, he we go she wakes up in throwing up and with her head hurting more than ever. So back we go! They took a ton of tests and decided that it was either bacterial or viral. Well gee thanks I figured that much out on my own. Said that because she had already been on antiboitics for a few days the tests were inconclusive. Well why didnt they do the tests the first time! So they gave her a shot of anti botics and sent her on her way again. Today she seems a little better but her fever is up and down and her head is still hurting. So thats why I havent posted lol.

Anyway onto this weeks menu. Which is a simple week with some box dinners which I hate, but we have a lot of late nights with Girl Scouts this week and they are just so easy. Usually I make my own tv dinners the weeek before but I did not get the time cause of sick 5 year old!

Monday- box, mommy has a meeting
Tuesday- box, 2 oldest have a girl scout meeting
Wed- pork chops and buttered noodles
Thurs- box, little one has a girl scout meeting
Friday- Chicken and brocc
Saturday- Dinner Out
Sunday- Dinner at friends


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your little one is sick.   Go with your gut.  I'm glad I did when our son was 5 months old.  It turned out he had bacterial meningitis.

  2. Yeah I'm not sure what I feel yet! She's just never been like this before so I'm feeling off
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