Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Year Ago Today ~ Fall Festivial

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Here is my "A Year Ago" entry:
She was not crazy about the rough boys in the bounce house

Love the crawl thru tunnel

Biggest hit of the night was the slide with Aunt Jessie, no Aunt Jessie is not 12 she is 25 I swear. lol

We were at the Fall Festival at our church just having a good time any playing on the bouncy things.. I took the pictures and Aunt Jessie went with Catherine, because she is skinner, lol.

LOL you all must think I only have 1 kid, the other 2 are almost impossible to catch on camera these days they are always doing something. Catherine on the other hand is a cheese. Bailey stands for it, but Taylor hates the camera. The other 2 are around I swear they are not locked in a closet somewhere, on this day there were hanging out with there cousin!
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  1. Looks like fun!!! We were at a Fall Festival at this time last year too! I LOVE this time of year!!!

  2. Fun!We got J in a bounce house a couple weeks ago and he hated it. Of course he's only 18 mos old so I was in there with him to protect him from a roudy kid or two. I can't wait til he loves stuff like that.



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